Saturday, August 16, 2014

8/16/14 Book review of The Good Suicides by Antonio Hill

The Good Suicides by Antonio Hill #antoniohill #thegoodsuicides #edelweissbookreview

This is the second book by Antonio Hill that features Inspector Hector Salgado.  I haven’t read the first but will put it on my list to review.  The story is set in Barcelona Spain and had a few terms I was unfamiliar with.  With that being said, the book was good after the initial introduction and description of characters.  This thriller is a who done it right to the end
The employees of Alemany Cosmetics are committing suicide one by one, or are they.  A group from the company has been sent on a weekend of team building in the country.  What happens there and between them is doled out in tiny pieces throughout the book.   A picture of three dogs that were hung and two words, “Never Forget” has been emailed to each of the participants, which leaves you wondering for a long time.  Inspector Salgado, Agent Fort, Sgt. Andreau and Agent Castro each have a part in solving these cases of suicides/murders.  Hill has built a good character base and each were interesting unto themselves; lace them together and you have a wonderful thriller.

I’d recommend this book to anyone that isn't offended by strong language, diverse sexual lifestyles or dark suicides.  The Good Suicides was very intriguing, very strange and also a very good page turner.

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