Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/16/14 - Book review - When the Past Came Calling by Larry S. Kaplan

When the Past Came Calling by Larry S. Kaplan is a mystery thriller that will keep you turning the pages.

David Miller is a personal injury lawyer that the FBI recruits to help with a missing person’s case. Do you take the call from your past?  David Miller did.  David Miller’s past came to haunt him and he had to forgive an old friend to help with the mystery.  A mysterious girl from his past haunts him, in his dreams and also in real time. The story jumps from the past (1960’s) to the present (late ‘80’s) as it unfolds to show that his friend Benny really isn't crazy.  Miller is drawn in by a seductress, Sandra Newton and strong-armed by a past member of the KGB, Alexander Kostay.  David Miller travels to Mexico City, Mexico and to Omsk, in Russian Siberia.  From Darwinism to the JFK assassination are weaved into the book.

You’ll find twists and turns throughout the book.  The chapters are headed nicely with dates so you won’t be wondering what decade you are in.  Kaplan does a wonderful job of character building.  This is a page turner that you won’t be disappointed in.  If you like mysteries or thrillers or conspiracy theories, you will enjoy this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed When the Past Came Calling.  It has been quite a while since a read a mystery such as this.  I will not hesitate to seek out other books by Larry S. Kaplan.

I received this book from Readers’ Favorite for a book review.

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