Saturday, October 1, 2016

10/1/16 - The Jeremiah Project Part 1-The Scrapbook by A. J. Foltz - Book review for Book Look Bloggers

The Jeremiah Project Part 1—The Scrapbook is a user-friendly study that you cannot afford to miss. It’s like finding a few more pieces to that big puzzle of life. Some of us have a good start at putting it all together, but the picture of life becomes a little clearer and makes more sense after spending some time with Jeremiah. You will find insightful information as he, by appointment from God, delivers wisdom, comfort, and strength that will get many through the upheaval in our world. 

About the Author

As a new and upcoming author, A.J. Foltz is a career Christian who has undergone a lifetime of God's training on and off the Christian field. Foltz has been married for thirty-three years and raised three children.

The Jeremiah Project Part 1 will help you dive into the first ten chapters of Jeremiah with in-depth study and background scriptures that are needed as a history lesson.  With this study you will gain insight into the book of Jeremiah as he was one of the major prophets called by God. This study is probably used best for personal growth and not a Bible study with a group.  You are given suggestions, questions and subjects to meditate on.  You will see the prophesy unfold of Jerusalem's destruction.  I liked how the study propelled me into a deeper understanding of the book of Jeremiah which initially I had found intimidating.

Grab your Bible, this study, some paper and pens and jump into a prophet of God.  I'd recommend this book to Christians that have been in service to the Lord for a few years.  I would not recommend this as a Kindle eBook because I think this distracted me from sitting down with a hard copy of the book and doing the exercises within.

I received this book from the Book Look Bloggers for an honest review.

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