Thursday, June 30, 2016

6/30/16 - Review of Red Roof Inn, Georgetown, IN

        Stuck in the Red Roof Inn, Georgetown, Indiana. This parking lot is so filthy that my dog, Max's, leash has gotten me and my clothes very dirty. They have boxes of stones in the front drive. When questioned about the pool being closed the owner said it has been closed for five years, five years! The grass hasn't been cut in a long time. There is no breakfast of any sort served and I probably wouldn't eat from here anyway.  A can of soda is $1. From what I have read online that this location has gone through renovations recently so some of this dirt is understandable, but the renovation is done on the inside, now work on the outside.

    I hope the Red Roof Inn hasn't gone the way of Motel 6 with me. I won't ever stay at a Mo 6 again, #nomo6. I would try another Red Roof Inn, but not this one.

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